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Several major styles of furniture the world? !

I would like to ask, there are several world famous style of furniture? For example: Nordic style, Gothic style, the Lingnan style ... ... so hope to give the development of its origin, as well as characteristics of features, of course, the more information the better! Thank you! ! !

Posted on 2013-02-15 03:06:12

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Talking about style, classical style furniture based on the characteristics of this style of Chinese and foreign classical style furniture, both said the main pattern and Crafts furnishings, and strive to achieve a quality and ease of ancient Pufeng Ya chic sophistication. Requirements of modern life, when people continue to be met, but also a yearning sprout tradition of artistic value cherished traditional furniture emotions. So graceful lines flow curve used as bedroom furniture, furnishings, matched with the same style of wallpaper, drapes and other decorative fabrics and furnishings have to appreciate the value of the various traditional tableware, tea jewelry cabinet, to add a dignified room dignified atmosphere. This is a Western classical style of the pursuit of beautiful, elegant and classical. The main theme of the room color is white. Love for the classical style furniture legs, furniture, doors and windows painted white. To reflect the ornate style, furniture parts cashmere box decorated with gold thread, Phnom Penh, wall wallpaper, carpets, curtains, bedspreads, curtains and decorative painting pattern or object to the classical style. This style is characterized by a gorgeous, elegant, if residents do not want to spend too much, you may wish to wallpaper, carpets, curtains and bedspread patterns on and spend more effort and achieve a variety of furnishings and decorative coordination, conditions are also You can add some classical flavor wall ornaments, such as the yak head, western bell, which can make your home become more elegant and beautiful. European and American style of modern Europe and America to pursue Conciseness, bright, romantic, simple and abstract style. A strong sense of modern stylish furniture combinations are the main characteristics of this style. Bedspreads, curtains and fabrics used abstract patterns, laying on the ground plain fiber carpet, lighting the room with reflective or local lighting, metal frame hanging on the wall or abstract photography, holes and audio-visual equipment, flowers and so on. This style is characterized by simple, abstract, bright, and mostly with a strong combination of modern furniture, white or color in the color selection, coupled with the right lighting and decorations of modern appliances. Japanese style This style is characterized by a smaller room for its decoration is simple and elegant. Ground, preferably fitted with a "tatami" platform, place a cushion above the sub-branding for bed; came alive again in a few blocks potential and a Japanese-style low table, curtains and even the paper used in Japan aleurone shift gate replaced on the wall an ancient Chinese paintings of beautiful, Japanese-style table and set a pot of flowers, and then a paper sphere lampshade accessories, is a Japanese-style room was. Popular art style of this style is characterized by a note using the function, stressed the interior unity of form and objects, abstraction, and often the use of geometric elements (point, line, surface, body, etc.) to be combined on the furniture, which makes concise contemporary feel and pure abstract beauty. Is characteristic of this style with another is the pursuit of fashion, exotic, happy, and usually popular painting, sculpture, text, posters, cartoon characters, the introduction of modern living room lamps, etc., as in the interior of the wall color to impose strong , painted on the art design, with strong primary colors and other building components to finishing. Shanghai Maritime Pine modern style unique to the region as a cultural style, can be said to have infiltrated into the area of each office, including the prosperity of Shanghai's home decor. Its most prominent feature is the small house in an area within a reasonable layout to make full use of space, the overall design of compact, so that interior decoration is economical and practical, comfortable and beautiful. For example, to duplex residential design, residential flat layers of high and low cross, then pay attention to the overall coordination of furniture and practicality, the use of mobile door wardrobe, curved corner cabinet, multi-purpose furniture. Single post-modern break the limitations of modern concise, stand-compatible storage wells, both ancient and modern, who can meet the need for living are to be used. Post-modern style, interior design, space combination is very complicated. Often used to set partitions, screens, columns, or the way the fireplace to make sense of the level of space to make room, without planning, vague boundaries of space, the use of small columns, not the level partition wall to form a sense of space and far-reaching sense. In addition, they are often processed into various angles to the wall of the wave-like form symbolic metaphor room decor.

2013-02-15 03:06:12