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Traditional patterns of cases in modern design

Please traditional patterns to the point of view the case in modern design to be a good example of modern design, rational use of patterns in ancient China the best picture I have of my thesis text information needed (urgent) Thank you

Posted on 2013-02-15 03:06:12

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Chinese traditional patterns and modern logo design, Guangdong Province 528000, China silk She adult secondary specialized schools set (SHE LI) Abstract: In modern logo design, many classic works are popular with Chinese characteristics into the traditional cultural elements, the designer accurate grasp the profound meaning of these elements, and elements of modern design it combines to give it a new sense of the times and vitality to the ancient art can stand the test of time and keep going. Keywords: logo design past serve the present traditional patterns in their five thousand years of China's long history, and gradually formed a profound, long history of traditional Chinese culture to this point, it is undoubted. However, it was said that traditional Chinese culture has a "sunset culture" can only serve as antiques or cultural relics and treasures, for this point of view I have a different view, the meaning of traditional Chinese culture is very rich, the scope is quite broad, but its vast Jianghai traditional patterns in a trickle. And it is this inexhaustible trickle irrigation and infiltration remains in many areas of modern art among the logo design is one of them. I believe we are no strangers to the mark, the rapid development of information culture in the economy in today's society, both public and social activities for the common symbol, or trademark for commercial or special symbol on patents have no place can be called not. From a design perspective, the logo is a graphic design, is a very visual aesthetic of an art form, but it is also a practical art, it is in the commodity economy, the role and value creation is more and more valued by people, so in recent years become a CI Biaozhi main content planning, it is not just a symbol, the name of a product, it is the spokesman for the manufacturer of goods and a symbol of corporate image, from this sense, in modern commercial society, the flag belongs to the scope of modern design. But the modern design is not to abandon the traditional equal to, or even with them out of isolation, or shelf, or is obsolete and does not embody a sense of creativity and sense of the times it? Of course not. We root in recent years, some popular and excellent work in logo design is not difficult to see how the designers of traditional patterns and modern design combined with each other, each other work together. Bank of China is the representative of the financial business, requirements reflect the Chinese characteristics. Designers using the Chinese old coins and the "China" as the basic shape, old coins are round and shaped graphic border design, the middle of the square hole, plus up and down the vertical line, as "China" shape, meaning days of parties to a round, economy this, the impression is simple, stable, easy to identify with meaning, rather Chinese style (Figure 1). Bank of China has been able to give people the impression marks so impressed, I think this is mainly thanks to the people has always been a symbol of wealth of the ancient coins of the image of the deep-rooted understanding of it. China Telecom's logo is "China" and Chinese traditional patterns of palindromes as a basis for the development and changes made by the three-dimensional spatial patterns (Figure 2), the implication for the ease of communication network, a symbol of China Telecom from time to time flow, nowhere not reached, the image of the expression of the China Telecom features: technology, modern, transfer, speed, development, and the pattern is a strong decorative effect, and with Chinese characteristics and modern, traditional culture can be said to be very modern use of classic The for. Palace Hotel Beijing is a sign of the leader of such design. Palace Hotel is located in Wangfujing, Beijing, is a five-star hotel, this place was originally the residence of the Qing Dynasty royal courtiers, the hotel's architectural features of traditional Chinese classical style, so the mark constitutes use of geometry to China, "Fang Sheng drive long" auspicious pattern as the basic form, the changes into vertical and horizontal straight lines up and down the square symmetrical, orderly Survey interludes, showing the Palace Hotel, the standard management, excellent service means. The details of the deal, the author intends to disconnect the lines at the corners, is intended to describe the "well", which implies the hotel location, while "Well," the word meaning "inexhaustible" means. Graphics middle of the "King" is a five-House Hotel, the first word, and they represent the hotel's dominance in the peer. (Figure 3) in the logo design into the traditional culture, not only is self-sustaining native culture, information exchange in the world has also shown great role in promoting the same time establish the international image of China also has positive significance. China has always respected tradition is precious, and gas make money, everything's philosophy of life, and the most vivid expression of this philosophy, they have considered as a "Diagram" - yin and yang, encircle the fish, each containing the two title of the inside of the fish together perfectly, the outside of two fish is a perfect circle (Figure 4). Through the "Diagram" ancestral saint and sages told us a truth: a unity among those who favor the other side, there will be conducive to the harmony of the whole, will inevitably turn, conducive to their own, this "Principles of Harmony Tai Chi", whether between individuals, between families, between nations, between countries and even between man and nature, are widely used, no exceptions for. In the design of this concept, we treat this form as "compromise." It is also because the implied Diagram of profound significance, the United Nations selected patterns of traditional Chinese Tai Chi 8,9 and July 2001 as against racial discrimination in South Africa held on the emblem of the World Congress of the event. Tai Chi patterns for designers of art processing, the Yin and Yang of black and white added for different levels of gray

2013-02-15 03:06:12