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" ugly small duckling " person teaching edition or the elementary school text that are Su Jiao edition ' textual ' urgent need!

Near future invite applications for a job tries tell, want to look for an elementary school that adapts by Andersen fairy tale 3 grade textbook is ugly of small duck civil, must be elementary school of 3 grade, seeming is not too long, those who add teaching plan is best! Many thanks a man of insight is assisted!

Posted on 2013-05-31 00:30:41

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Person of Http:// of edition of Http:// Su Jiao teachs edition class where wanting has which class! Textual: Textual sun of 28 ugly small duckling is warm carbonado (H#ng) those who carbonado. Duck mom lies (W^ ) in mow, the child that waits for her is born. Duckling is gotten out from chorion, with respect to remnant (Sh8ng) the egg with particularly big the next. Passed several days, this egg just is cracked slowly (Li8) , get big ugly duck. His wool ash is grey, mouth greatly, the body is thin thin, everybody calls him " ugly small duckling " . Ugly small duckling comes to the world, besides duck mom, who bully (Q9) lose (F) ) he. Elder brother, elder sister bites him, the cock pecks him, the girl that raises duck repeatedly also is denounced (T3o) be disgusted with (Y4n) he. Ugly small duckling feels special Gu (G ) odd, get a fence (B1) , left the home. Ugly small duckling comes in the woods, birdie mock (J9) laugh at him, the hunting dog chases him. He is forced to hide by day, went to those who eat to just dare come out to search in the evening. The autumn arrived, the leaf fizzled out, the bulrush that ugly small duckling comes to to lakefront (W7i) in, get along stealthily. A day of dusk, a flock of swan had flown from inside sky. Ugly small duckling is looking at the swan of white beauty, envy again amazedly again. The weather is colder and colder, lake face writtened guarantee thick ice. Ugly small duckling bends over in ice be frozen stiff (Ji1ng) . Fortunately (Ku9) a farmer saw, come home his belt. A day, ugly small duckling comes out to take a walk, see lilac blossommed, know spring came. He attacks attack wing, to the lake Bian Fei goes, see a mirror suddenly like on lake face, mirror a beautiful shadow, snow-white feather, grow long neck, extremely beautiful. Is this this shadow? Ah, so I am not ugly small duckling, be a beautiful swan! Education video: Http://

2013-05-31 00:30:41