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Importing 'Refurbished' Laptops, Computer Parts

Hi I would like to import 'Refurbished' laptops and computer parts to INDIA from China. I donot have any sort of license yet. 1. Do I need a license to import computer items to India? 2. is there any legal requisite to bring computer parts in India? Can shipping companies (DHL, FEDEX etc) bring the items (pay customs etc) on my behalf and I pay the shpping co and get my package? does that work like this? I am new and want to know the legality. If it is a 'REQUIREMENT' I would like to start applying for all the necessary licenses etc. Otherwise, I would like to bring my first package and meanwhile apply for all the necessary licenses. Please advise. Much much appreciated. I was looking at the forum posts but could not get my answer. Please point me to the right links if possible. Thanks a million. Arghya

Posted on 2013-02-14 23:26:39