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shanghai yuetai industry oc. ltd is this company a scammer

does the above mentioned company a scammer or what? I hve tried acces their website and contacts on my alibaba and I can't get through them any more plese advise........

Posted on 2013-02-14 23:28:39

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Hi, do you mean?  Shanghai Yuetai Advertising Machinery Co., Ltd.  this company website in alibaba is If you tried to contact them and not reply this not mean scammers...It is totally the opposite, scammer can reply you very soon, however, if scammer know "who are you"? It is a very good reason make them avoid you. Anyway, i think this company not scammers, you can try with them, or try another one. just make sure you follow the Safe Trade Guides and never let Scammer Bit you.. Cheers.

2013-02-14 23:28:39

get honsty supplier aways from scammers im tomas from australia ,i was cheated by many companies in china, they dont send me any items at all when i send money to them even though i use paypal . when someone offer me cheap price ,i know they are cheater,they just want to take my money. when i try tradekey indtead of alibab,someone who offer me not cheap pricethat i can make some profit ,i want to try to pay her by WU to see if she is scammer ,but she advices me to pay paypal.usually everybody want WU not paypal.At that time,i was moved by this girl ,she is called bibi. i use WU to pay her last time.i trust her. i ask if their products is replica or authentic,she told me replica,many people will said they are original/authentic products .This girl tell me replica .i know she is honsty . yes !! and we do lots of business now . i only buy from her .she sells fashion items ,like shirts,sunglass,jeans,caps.belts,men apparel,wedding dresse,perfume,some replica electronic etc..i buy some of them from her ,because i dont sell everything haha.. if u want to make long time her ,i really hate scammers,i like honsty supplier,i know u want too. Be careful,dont believe cheap ,they are scammers!!!

2013-02-14 23:28:39