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How do I find RAMs buyers.

We are a trading company specialize in RAMs in Chinese domestic markets for 5 years, but a new foreign trader. We sell: 1G/800 FBGA, Full compatibility 2G/800 FBGA, Dedicated for AMD 2G/800 HY FBGA, Full compatibility 2G/800 HY FBGA, Dedicated for AMD 2G/1333 HY FBGA, Full compatibility 2G/1333 KST FBGA, Full compatibility We want to go into the European, Asian, Diddle East, South American and North American markets. What can I do to attract more customers to browse my wedsite:

Posted on 2013-02-14 23:28:43

All Answers

To find the proper Buyers first put them as a Goal , make a plan and start on it. Go to Alibaba home page, in the top of the page you will find Products, Suppliers and Buyers each indpendent botton,Put search key in Product Search box as the name of your Goods you are going to Sell, your Goal and Target will be the B uyers not Suppliers , you should search in Alibaba home page, for people who are looking to buy the product you sell, click on Buyers, then start search and select the region . If you still didnt find expected customers or no buyers interested in the product you want to sell in your specified Region or Target market you can post selling Alerts.

2013-02-14 23:28:43