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Inquiries yield no results at all because of language barrier...

Hello, I have done some inquiries about Alienware laptops with different. My list of questions about the products were long and in English but it seems that none of the suppliers seem to understand what i am asking or do not want to bother answering my long list of questions... Why list a load of laptops with international business in mind if no-one speaks proper English? Can someone please point me to an Alienware (or gaming laptops in general) supplier that does speak proper English so that my questions about their products are answered and that i receive understandable information about their services, policies, etc., etc., etc...? Thanks in advance! PS. I also would like to know if these suppliers are the real deal or just out there to scam me...

Posted on 2013-02-14 23:28:44

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AskerRecommended  I have noticed that every supplier (gold or not) i contacted, or every supplier (gold or not) that contacted me does not have any clue about what they put on this website... I have been talking to a truckload of people and NOT ONE was able to answer my in depth questions about everything regarding the product... NOT ONE! And 95% of those were supposed gold suppliers. This website is a joke if it comes to ' deluxe' electronics. It's full of scammers, freeloaders and frauds that are only interested in taking my cash. It's so obvious that ALL Alienware suppliers on this website are total FRAUDS! first couple of days after my lead things seemed to go well, a couple answered my lead and their prices seemed to be something i could believe... Within days after that then things went down the drain. How on EARTH do these so called (gold) supplier believe that i am going to but a high-end laptop from them for like $300 a piece??? In what kind of DREAM do this people live? Every single contact received my questionnaire not one answered... Alibaba NEEDS to do more to kick these morons of this website... I'm going to take my money elsewhere... Modified by John Nijmeijer on 05-10-2010 07:43 Modified by John Nijmeijer on 05-10-2010 07:43

2013-02-14 23:28:44

Are you contacting companies in China? If yes then the reason is they are scammers and they have no idea of the tech specs, yet alone anything else in regard to the product. These products cost more in China than anywhere else full stop. You'll be told they are cheaper because they are made there, etc but the truth is the supply chain is strictly monitored. Most mainland Chinese will go to Hong Kong because retail there is much cheaper than any supply in China.

2013-02-14 23:28:44

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