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Virtual memory is like how ah? Where should I change it ah?

When I run the program like pop-up window told me that virtual memory is too small, to limit the number of runs

Posted on 2014-07-28 02:34:39

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Virtual memory is like a tailor. Ordinary setting method of setting the general method, the virtual memory swap file minimum, maximum, at the same time can be set to 1.5 times the memory capacity, but if the capacity of the memory itself is relatively large, such as the memory is 512MB, the space it is also very significant. So we can set the virtual memory that the basic values: the memory capacity of 256MB the following to be set to 1.5 times; in 512MB or more, is set to half the memory capacity; between 256MB and 512MB memory capacity between the set and the same values . 2. Precision Set method because each person can practice the same application, such as some people want to run 3DMAX, Photoshop and other such large programs, while others may just typing, playing some small games, so the virtual memory requirements and not the same, so we will be adapted to local conditions to set the virtual memory space of exact values. \u9236?first custom virtual memory "Initial size", "max" is set to two of the same values, such as 500MB; \u9236?then open the "Control Panel \u922B?Administrative Tools \u922B?Performance", in the event of the "performance" dialogue box, expand the left column in the "Performance Logs and Alerts", select it under "Counter Logs" in the blank space in the right column Right click context menu select "New Log Settings" option; \u9236?In the dialog box "Name" field enter any name, such as "virtual memory test." In the event window, click the "Add Counters" button to enter the next window; \u9236?open in the window, "Performance Object" drop-down list, select one of the "Paging File", check "Select counters from list" and Choose the column below the "% Usage Peak"; check "from the list, select examples" in the bottom of the column, select "_Total", then Click "Add \u922B?off" the end (Figure 4). \u9236?In order to facilitate the view the log file, open the "log file" tab, "Log file type" select "Text File" and finally click "OK" button to return to the "performance" the main interface; \u9236?in the right side of the part can be found in more than a "virtual memory test" project, if the item is red the note also does not start, click on that, right menu, select "Start" option (Figure 5). Then run some of their common applications, running for some time into the log file system partition where the default directory under the "PerfLogs", find "virtual memory test _000001.csv" and use Notepad to open it (Figure 6), In this context, we look at the last second of each column value, this value is the ratio of virtual memory usage, find the maximum value, such as the figure "46", with 46% multiplied by the 500MB (front The value of virtual memory set), resulting in a value of 230MB. With the initial size of the value can be set to 230MB, the maximum disk space can be set freely, it is generally recommended minimum value is set to 2 to 3 times. So that we can build a more precise virtual memory to make their love machine run more smoothly and more efficient.

2014-07-28 02:34:39