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What is the network to ask you wake up, how to close it?

What is Wake on LAN function? Thank you

Posted on 2014-07-28 02:34:44

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Wake on LAN feature can also be called Wake on LAN boot function, is awakened confidential use ATX power supply, motherboard and software to provide hardware support for Wake on LAN. Here's how: Make sure the network is normal wake up machines and accurate IP address (using the DOS NIC configuration tool); closure of the wake-up machine, by using the card wake-up machine configuration tool to send wake-up machine IP address is to be awakened boot. Remote wake-up needs the appropriate network management software can be achieved. Some cards (such as Lenovo LN-1068A) with a network management software, and some cards are not included with the appropriate procedures. At present, the remote wake-up packets for sending the software, mostly use AMD's Magic Packet 1.0. AMD Magic Packet 1.0 Although it is only a technology developed by the company, but by almost all the card manufacturer's support, therefore, the most popular card can be compatible with it well. 1, the software download and install Magic Packet installation is very simple, without too much human intervention, by default the program will be installed to c: \ \ pcnet \ \ magic_pkt folder. Magic Packet 1.0: Local Download 2, Network Magic Packet wake-up because the software did not like other common item in the program or on the desktop icon or menu item to add, therefore, for ease of use, you can own a desktop for magpac.exe shortcuts. (1) remote wake a computer running "magpac.exe" program, Magic Packet main window appears. In the "Magic Packets" menu, click "Power On One Host" (start of a host) command to display "Send a Magic Packet to One Host" (send wake up packet to the host) dialog box (Figure 1) . In the "Destination Ethernet Address" (target Ethernet address) To enter the MAC address of network card to wake the computer, click [Send] (send) button. Remote computer to start automatically, after a while you can manipulate it. (2) Remote wake-up multiple computers to run magpac.exe program, Magic Packet main window appears. Dialog box, wake-up packets to send in the "Magic Packets" menu, click "Create a List of Hosts" (create a host list) command to display "Create a List of Hosts on LAN" (create a list of hosts on the LAN) dialog box ( shown in Figure 2). Host List dialog box to create the "Filename-Save List of" save (list of file name) field, type the group want to create a remote boot file name, click [OK] button, the system begins to automatically search the network computer. The search is completed, show "Magic Packet Utility" (Magic Packet Application) window (see Figure 3), using "Edit" (edit) menu "Cut" (Cut) command to delete from the list who do not wish to distance wake up the computer, and then in the "File" (File) menu, click "Save" (save) command to save the remote boot file. Magic Packet application window in the "Magic Packets" menu, click "Group Power On" (the group boot) command to display "Set Alarm for Groups" (set group wake-up) dialog box (Figure 4). Click [Browse] (Browse) button, set the remote wake up to find and open the file. Wake-up dialog box to set the group's automatic timing Ruoyu wake-up by computer, select the appropriate date, respectively, and set a specific wake-up time for the check box. Click [Add] (add) and the [OK] (confirm) button, the computer time to achieve a set of remote start. Auto shutdown when completed the sharing of resources or management, if allowed to start the computer has been running the remote will not only affect the computer's life, can also cause energy waste, therefore, when the computer is idle for a certain time, should it automatically shut down. "Power Management Properties" dialog box operation is as follows: select "Start / Settings / Control Panel / Power Management" to show "Power Management Properties" dialog box (see Figure 5). The "power scheme" A is set to "always open" in the "system wait state" drop-down list, select a time value. For example, select the time value of "15 minutes", then, when the computer is idle for 15 minutes, the system will automatically shut down. Press [OK] to complete the setup. Troubleshooting 1. Enable remote wake-up card the computer does not start after the solution (1) Remove the motherboard from the computer 3-pin remote wake-up line; (2) Restart the computer, run the configuration program to set the network card. Specific operations, see card documentation; (3) Turn off the computer, reconnect the 3 pin remote wake-up line; (4) Restart the computer. 2. When the computer sends a remote wake-up signal wake-up solution can not be (1) Check whether the computer and the card can meet the basic requirements of the remote wake-up; (2) Check the computer's CMOS information about the remote wake-up co-ordination is correct, the specific operation, please See the computer's motherboard documentation; (3) Remove the computer cover, check the 3-pin remote wake-up connections are correct and reliable; (4) Run the configuration program, check the card's parameters is appropriate; (5) Plug a known positive no problem with network card and 3-pin WOL cable remote wake-up, re-check the computer.

2014-07-28 02:34:44