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How to limit within which Council can not access a computer.

I was the company's ERP engineer, but also responsible for the corporate network. Now want to limit the storage of the computer he was not allowed access, in addition to the lock where the IP router and network card, is there any way that he can not get online? IE or something like what the lock. How to get it? I found to my router for a variety of companies, and lock him (warehouse) of the card, or IP, LAN servers with ERP are not take. Please heroes who gave move! I will have to answer questions today, very you.

Posted on 2014-07-28 02:34:46

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Warehouse that can be network-connected computers and alternate DNS server address set to a DNS address that does not exist, then set the computer's user user, so that he can not change DNS

2014-07-28 02:34:46