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Computer always black, why

I do not know how to do for a solution!

Posted on 2014-07-28 02:34:59

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We monitor the use of black failure is frequent encountered computer failure, the cause is more complex because of its many beginners how to resolve its failure appears quite helpless feeling, following the writer's own display a blank screen with some troubleshooting experience to initiate the talk of such failure analysis and treatment. Monitor the causes of black failure according to their fault that we can be roughly divided into the grounds of its mainframe computer failures caused by faults and by the display itself black failure caused by two types of black failure. Mainframe computer failure which caused the black failure is more common, and displays a blank screen due to its failure in terms of failures to the beginner than the cumbersome and its causes were many more specialized computer beginner, here we discuss them separately. First, the host computer failure computer failures caused by a blank screen blank screen failure due to host failures can be divided into the following categories - 1, the host power failure caused by 2, 3 failures caused by parts quality, accessories and the connection between 4, caused by overclocking black screen failure 5, other causes of black ... ... Second, display a blank screen due to its failure failure failure caused by a blank screen display their fault according to the usual experience of the author is mainly caused by the following reasons - 1, AC power less than 2, the power switch circuit is damaged 3, line output circuit damage

2014-07-28 02:34:59