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How can a web site get traffic?

How can a web site get traffic? There are two different ways of getting traffic. One is by giving money to Search Engines to put your site on sponsored links and get traffic and other is by putting your energies and time to get traffic without spending money on this. This is also known as Organic Search Engine Optimization. This needs patience and continuous hard work. Though through this type of Search Engine Optimization, it takes time to get results but these results are more effective and long lasting. Organic search engine optimization has at least following tasks:1. Keyword analysis2. Site Analysis3. Content update4. Meta tags update5. Search engines submissions6. Directory submissions7. Articles submissions8. Blogs9. Forums10. Ranking Reports11. Traffic ReportsIt is always wise to hire experienced search engine optimization experts to market your web site online. It not only saves time but also prevent your web site for any possible penalization by Search engines. Also beware of the fact that there are three types of SEO techniques, White hat, Grey hat and Black hat. Black hat techniques may bring your web site to top ranking on search engines very quickly but it will be dangerous for your web site because once noted by search engines, your site may be ban for search engines for life time so avoid using any such techniques.ThanksPakNetteCh.cOm

Posted on 2013-02-14 23:30:17