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Wher can I buy a good but small Phone System PBX incl. 8 phones w/display

Hey, Do any of you know where I can buy a smalle Phone System PBX incl. 8 phones w/display and are are interested in buying 60 sets of those small phones system PBX incl. 8 phones and we are also looking to buy some different Security equipment from a "easy to use" alamr sysem in cl. 5 "eyes" and wireless as well as -20 pcs. of bullet proff vest (IIIA) in top quality ? We look very much forward to hear your answes. Many thanks in advance. Best Regards Jens Furnais

Posted on 2013-02-15 01:02:46

All Answers

log in alibaba and find and also send buying lead you get with in 24 hours more than 100 buyers/sellers. log on here is all type of art and work. thanks best of luck God Bless You

2013-02-15 01:02:46