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how to find the novelty product/goods buyer?

please add my

Posted on 2013-02-15 01:04:31

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log in alibaba and find and also send buying lead you get with in 24 hours more than 100 buyers/sellers. log on here is all type of art and work. thanks best of luck God Bless You

2013-02-15 01:04:31

I wonder, why do not you answer me anymore?     _______________________________________________________ Last Chat 606/11/2010 Mr. Couto (2010-11-06 13:01:07):  Hi, It's alredy there. so maybe you get it today. EE306848328CN Can you please send it to USA? I'ts more cheaper, and doesn't need be the fast way. You can send by China AirPost or HK Air Post. Mr. Couto (2010-11-06 13:02:47): Ship to:Marcos Couto375 Bellevue Ave, Apto 107Oakland, CA 94610  

2013-02-15 01:04:31

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2013-02-15 01:04:31