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"Be born to be not entered China for, absolutely refuse to to enter Hua Shuo, doesn't play tricks enter Fuji health " what meaning be?

Appear what is the cause of this word? What meaning is this word?

Posted on 2013-05-31 00:30:41

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On December 5, 2007 morning, be in when after Qiao Xiangying works in the same place to get up in the dormitory, the technical ministry that Shenzhen China works for the project enters closet wash and dress abrupt and ineffable flat, chummery was dialed instantly after other staff discovery 120. The 120 urgent rescue via half many hour, still cannot redeem the life that Qiao Xiangying works in the same place. Know why to be born to be not entered China for as to Hua Shuo, because he is stage endowment enterprise, their workload is very so big, and employee is not very the respect that gets a boss, mainland person not costly. Fuji health, if you have been to Fuji health, perhaps the friend that works inside knew, after a lot of undergraduates graduate, went in, the result worked to came out 5678, or in that way, beautiful tone future, the word that uses us says, that is the place that cheats an undergraduate, just went in a month 800 quick buck, the young undergraduate as you is all round, cheap labour force, wait for you to wake up to reality, ah ah already the eldest child is not small, your youth, still want to do other?

2013-05-31 00:30:41