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I do not have bangs, how good-looking hair do!!

I am a super natural volume! Do people not to cut my hair and bangs, afraid of bad reputation! Oh, so now I have no bangs, New Year, and also like the U.S. one!!!! Give me a make-up, brush my hair Site is also OK!!!

Posted on 2014-07-28 02:34:42

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Volume I is unsolicited Oh, really can not stay bangs, because it is curved, and copied the cut go back no style, and a short bend in that more does not look good. So my way is straightened. But I has been 4 years are once every six months in hot plasma, so now I have forgotten that he had been a hair. Because about every 5 months to grow bangs forehead bent, and no longer pull. But think this is good. Does not affect the short and long straightened hair, the barber shop you can get. One boy in our class is an obvious and very short hair give across it. I pull so often it does not matter, because: First of all you can to choose a barber shop, and then choose one of the best staff, the clerk need not be hair stylist down, they are often themselves do not personally go to the customer hot-ion to do things splint is often the staff to do the next level, in fact, not to the barber to do better, I have one and a barber Bijiao Shu let him pull me, but because he did not long to do this but my hair is not very skilled to do bad. The key is pulling you've got to always do care, at the barber shop or can make their own, the barber shop to do so still a little expensive, I bought a Doris is the inverted membrane own, and works well, there is no feel that burn the hair. I use the fifth generation of the Doris inverted membrane, or Bureau of ointment, the effect is very good, down more than I used to use a lot of films are good, because the school is still to take a bath every wash are boring But the discovery of washing my hair feel good and do good mood. But my hair is oily, this is no way, only two days to wash a head, and the frequency of the hair is healthy.

2014-07-28 02:34:42