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Wash with hot water or cold water

That more promotion of facial blood circulation,,,

Posted on 2014-07-28 02:34:46

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Wash your face with cold water in winter good winter due to cold, some people like to wash your face with hot water, proved, or with cold water well. We know that when the hands and face after contact with cold water will stimulate the brain immediately excited, activities to strengthen all parts of the body, and then increase the heat. That way, people washed after faces, from the warm room to cold outside, the body is easy to adapt to the environment. Wash your face with cold water at the right time, to adhere more to wash a while, with both hands or towel to rub the face a few more. Adhere to wash your face with cold water. Can enhance the cold tolerance of the body, not only can prevent a cold, but also for the treatment of nervous headache. Diseases such as neurasthenia has some advantages. After the face washed with cold water, rub a little cream or the best things like cream, facial skin will remain smooth. Wet, cold can increase capacity. Of course, you can wash your face with warm water at night, so will not cause nervous excitement, better sleep. Wash well with cold water or hot water to really clean my face, there are plenty of learning can be! But when the face has a long-term problems continue to haunt us, and that is good hot or cold water wash wash well. Hot or cold water wash did a little luxurious. Put simply, oily and mixed skin wash your face with warm water is best, hot water to open pores, but also conducive to deep clean. The greatest advantage of cold water is suddenly face to tighten pores, skin health is good. Long face with cold water you will find yourself not very cold. Young adhere to cold baths in winter, do not wear little sick. The disadvantage is not conducive to clean the pores. If the face out of the oil is not very powerful, fairly normal skin, then wash method is the most healthy: with warm water to knead to open foaming cleansing products, gentle massage for 1 minute, T-shaped site focused massage. Thoroughly rinse the bubble, the final pat on the face with cold water. According to the nature of the skin oily skin: wash your face in the "hot water" in the drops of white vinegar, can effectively clean the excess sebum on the skin, scaling and dust, making the skin smooth and beautiful, and reduce pore blockage. Dry skin: Add a few drops of rose water, honey, soaking, dip wet the entire face, pat to dry. This repeated 2-3 times every night, make facial moisturizing, smooth and delicate. Normal skin: wash your face with cold water after night, and then a little water vapor steaming hot face a moment, then gently pat dry. Aging skin: In the morning wash your face with cold water, you can add some salt, preferably sea salt; also be used cold tea added to the water wash or fresh fruit juice in the wash. Attention should not use hot water to thoroughly remove the face of the protective film, so wash your face with soap and hot water after the person's skin will feel very tight uncomfortable. In fact, even in winter there was no need hot water wash, only the face with cold water will be able to wash away the dust. Wash with hot water decontamination benefit, also being rich, skin, reducing wrinkles, but often the skin is easy to use hot water relaxation. Instead, wash your face with cold water, temporary effect, though not as hot water is good, but cold water does not make the skin loose, enabling young forever, but also improve the body resistance to cold will help prevent a cold, cold water wash is to uphold the "beauty" fitness the long run. Wash your face with cold water infirm intolerable cold stimulation, and then squeeze the towel to the semi from flooding facial, then, wash, the skin will adapt. Towels should be soft, soap to select the sex, otherwise it will lead to rough facial skin, reducing skin shine and elasticity. Reference:

2014-07-28 02:34:46