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Why do a wash of pure black jeans will become a little pale, as if not a detergent wash clean

I have a pure cotton elastic black jeans. Not as good as the first washing after washing before the color black, if not washed clean laundry points. I took more than two hours, or no way. Why? How clean?

Posted on 2014-07-28 02:34:54

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Ways to prevent the jeans fade: 1. Buy a new pair of jeans can be soaked in concentrated salt water (as long as the taste of salt from salty to go), and after a whole day, and then to the general method of washing can be. Usually in the wash, if you can will roll out in the dry cleaning again, but also can minimize the extent of bleaching. 2. The jeans folded into the laundry bag (or hand), cleaning agents, use dish soap (because the general effect of detergent in order to have white), both components with a little bleach, it is easy to fade jeans , dish detergent without bleaching agent, in addition to the effect of cleaning, but also to grease) 3. jeans or other clothes are dyed with a new layer of plastic (new clothes, the taste), buy it back after the first dip with white vinegar allows the clothes softer and more may be set to prevent color fading.

2014-07-28 02:34:54