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Why is it when I go through all of the forms that I have to fill out in order to get to a product that I am looking for I keep getting the wrong information from your site.Example; I place the words reverse osmosis,filters,reverse osmosis housings and when I enter it I might get one of what it is that I am looking for but I get hits on appliances,jewelery,cloths and everything but what I am looking for . What catagory of product do I have to enter in order to get "reverse osmosis and it components as a result for what I am after?"This site is a little like going into a grocery store to buy a pound of coffee and finding myself shopping for a new TV or car while I am there but not what I came for. Does anyone know why ?

Posted on 2013-02-14 23:27:52

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2013-02-14 23:27:52