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work shoes

Good afternoon, Lina! my company produces high quality garments for children, clothing for the workers. Looking for manufacturers of children's shoes at the age of 1-6 years. Looking for manufacturers of work shoes. In Ukraine, the shoes are very poor quality, made on old equipment and expensive imported from distinct borders, and good quality even higher price. We have a "transition period" in the economy, but in fact the government is living the old Soviet thought. Boitsya give loans to local producers to boost production. Themselves also do not build new businesses. The number of people in Ukraine - 45 million people. Working people are and they want to dress in comfortable and affordable clothing and shoes. Children's clothing and shoe also want to look nice and high quality, but inexpensive. But this is virtually absent. Therefore, I want to find a major producer of children's shoes and work shoes for sale in Ukraine. Example. From the State of Poland we work shoes are imported at a price of $ 12, made in Kitae.My it sell for $ 14. In China, it costs $ 7. hence, if we find a major manufacturer and negotiate the sale through my company this shoe for $ 10, and I'll sell it for $ 11, so I'll wholesaler to Ukraine and volume of sales will make millions of dollars. The same thing I'm looking for and children's shoes. For something to become a wholesale warehouse I have everything - buildings, security, insurance, accounting, experience, personnel, etc.

Posted on 2013-02-15 01:58:58

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Hope you can find good vendor in China.

2013-02-15 01:58:58

Where are they?

2013-02-15 01:58:58