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[appeal] can travel goods Dopod 830 use the SDHC of 4G to get stuck?

My 830 get stuck with 2GSD so, wm6.0, want to change 4GSDHC now, do not know to whether support, has used friend gives directions please. The SDHC card of 4G is in now cleaning out is turnip price really on treasure, but buy a mobile phone not to support bought in vain. Thank everybody! Additional, the card that cleans out the 4G on treasure now is SDHC, without average check, cannot buy average check?

Posted on 2013-05-31 00:30:50

All Answers

What I use also is 830, those who brush is the ROM on the empire, did not add what patch, also use the card that must have 4G, it is card of commodities from abnormal channel nevertheless. But of 8G of have more than is needed. Listen to those who a bird person says the cent of a 8G becomes two 4G to use, machine of do bad of within an inch of. General fast usable, high speed card dare not assure

2013-05-31 00:30:50