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is the FSC certificate will increase wood-furniture sales ?

among the export documents, there is a FSC certificate that been asking by the wooden furniture buyer and other wooden products buyers. is this costly certificate of FSC can really help to increase the Sales ?

Posted on 2014-05-20 01:00:18

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now SUPPLIERS WITH NO CERTIFICATES are not trustworthy and here on Alibaba people should promote suppliers with all major certificates - question - FSC is helpful? My answer is clear - YES  - both for buyers and suppliers, the same with GSE Authorization and others - it is extremely important for buyers - AND SHOULD BE FOR SELLERS (why a lot of supplier don't care about buyers? Buyers like to buy from certified suppliers). All certificates are important and now we see the situation when 10% good suppliers with all major certificates sell a lot and sometimes I had to wait even 3months for the available time of production line of certified suppliers (bearings, wooden, flooring, garment, tshirts) - but other "suppliers" just sit on computer and do nothing in order to increase THEIR IMAGE for business. I suppose suppliers with FSC, GSE and other major certifications sell and can choose among of best buyers, but the others just sit and don't develop their businesses. That is why 10-20% of suppliers will build new factories and engage more managers, but the other 80% will just try to sell the same way they did from many years - still with no success. WORLD NEEDS CHANGE - IMPORT INDUSTRY TOO.   FSC will be helful for wood suppliers. - also for e.g. - there suppliers both with FSC, GSE Authorization and SGS etc are warmly welcomed.  Modified by Filip Dobrucky on 14-02-2011 00:20

2014-05-20 01:00:18

Dear Gentlemen,   I agree with Mr. Tika and Mr. Filip. No such certificates = no sales.   See that leaders on market have all certificates available on market - because it is called PRESTIGE OF THE COMPANY.   Compare old car with luxury Bentley

2014-05-20 01:00:18

Any certificate has its self-value and the customer can choose to use or not according to actual application.

2014-05-20 01:00:18

Thanks for the answer Filip, So, you are from Czech (ex Czechoslovakia). indeed the certified product will be as high priority, in fact, the FSC-goods are selling in higher prices compare with Non-FSC ones, do you think this is OK for the buyers ? btw: I did not see your coy profile, when will you upload it ? And to Nikolas from Greece: In perspective of 'Prestige' or 'brand image' it is indeed agree able, but for company's prestige I did not see the FSC could representing the 'coy qualification' against the "Trust-builder/trust-worthy", do not you agree that it is rely on the Personality of the owner and the managements itself ? it is a Subjective matter ? not a product ? the consistency and commitment of peoples(coy) is something that intangible and dynamic(un-stable). btw: Nick, you also not yet fill/upload your coy's profile in contact details ? For Heather: It is a such rationality perspective in market-segment and orientation. there are some market-portion/segment for a Non-FSC buyers/consumers, in lower buying prices of course. in fact it is.

2014-05-20 01:00:18