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i want to ask a question

Hi, I found a supplier of some honey extracting equipment on alibaba. They seem reputable, their communication has been excellent and they seem professional. I have been in contact with them for

Posted on 2014-06-04 15:30:12

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Firstly select the suppliers you would be interested in and its highly recommended that you try Gold suppliers..... Google your selected companies to make sure they are not on the scam lists....... scams are on a high....and since ur a very minimal quantity select the right ones work on a secured payment term................escorow for small purchases or L/C for huge ones........ its tough to find another co. who has dealt with them before...... you rather ask the supplier for details on clients they have worked with before........

2014-06-04 15:30:12

Glad to hear that.

2014-06-04 15:30:12

  Finding suppliers is not easy, however finding good suppliers is really difficult. The same situation is with buyers:  If you know the market, you know that it is really difficult to find good buyers? why? companies importing from China, India, Pakistan, Bangladesh, South Korea and so on have REALLY good choice - if we will send some inquiries, we receive 100+ sometimes 500+ suppliers during 2 days, THAT IS WHY we need to be more competitive and know: How to export to Europe and other countries. The same situation is with BUYERS, buyers want to invest and find good suppliers so that select the best companies and should be really the best for their businesses, why? Because they have really good choice in order to find such: Reliable suppliers from China, India and Brazil or other countries. If you would like to know how to find good suppliers, you could read many articles or try to find good consultant etc. Finding suppliers is not easy, but you can FIND really good and selected suppliers. Remember: knowledge is first.

2014-06-04 15:30:12

i am very glad to heard what you want to said , and perhaps i can discuss with you .

2014-06-04 15:30:12