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Should I call the collison center after the car accident?

I got into a car accident today. What happen is, I made a right turn into a plaza. At that moment a toll truck stopped at the middle of the road with the head of the truck tilted a little towards the right. I was waiting for him to finish the right turn. (my car is stopped) Then he did not check his bind spot, and made a sharp right turn, ripping out my bumper. Also, his boss doesn't want insurance to get involve, so he signed a settlement letter claiming that he admit it is his fault and he will pay for the damage done to my car. I have his information written down - insurance number/license plate and etc. Is this enough? or should i still call the collision center? I am just worry that he won't pay up.

Posted on 2013-02-15 01:00:26

All Answers

You should select a body shop that you want to do the work and have them write an accurate estimate of the cost. Have them also tell you how long the job will take. Then call a rental car company to fing out how muc it will cost to rent a car for the number of days the repair will take. Then present the total of the repairs and the rental car to the company fo payment. You should receive a check from them before you have the work done. If they do not write you a check, then call it in to their insurance company.

2013-02-15 01:00:26