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No documentation of the incident, no police record requested,What should I do in the road hazard?

I was involved in hitting a road hazard in september 08. i was driving a rental Nissan Versa, and the road hazard hit the front plastic bumper, causing a damage worth $1200. i have coverage for rental vehicles on my policy I was driving down the highway for a friends wedding,i had driven for a long time, it was only 8 am in the morning when i took a cofee break to realise the damage had occured. it was the night and i think i hit a small animal, more like a rabbit or something (there was some skin left in the front bumper, which is the only way i determined that it was a small animal. I then called the insurance company and asked if i need to make a police report. at the time they told me to leave the vehicle at the rental company and i will be informed accordingly. I never got a call, the claim was covered, which i believed was not my fault, as i understood it was unavoidable. now a year later, i purchased a new car and my insurance is gone through the roof, as that incident had been deemed my fault. My issue is that there was no documentation of the incident, no police record requested, and i was in the unknown till now. do i have any chance of going back and fighting this claim, can i request if there was any documentation done on the insurance companies behalf. what options do i have, to get this at fault claim removed from my record.

Posted on 2013-02-15 01:00:26

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I'm not sure what you mean when you say that you hit a road hazard. Generally, no matter what you hit it is still considered to be your fault unless you stop right there to get the info of who caused the road hazard. Was it a construction area, then you get the info of the construction company. At this point there is no way to prove anything so this will be considered to be an at-fault accident. There is no way to my knowledge to get this changed.

2013-02-15 01:00:26