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What should I do after my car is set on fire?

i just want to ask you a question about my insurance. im currently in ireland. well my car was set on fire one night and complete burnt out, i rang the fire and police service, they came out and put it out. i then got police forensics out to examine the car, they told me it was set on fire. so i gave a statement to the police and they are looking into finding who done it. iv rang the insurance and put a claim in, and they got back to me with a figure of 6k. then a few days later i got a phone call off them and they asked me was my car for sale and i sayed yes. then they wanted to know how long it was up, but i wasnt sure. they then contact the website it was on and they were told it was for sale for 6 months. the insurace are now saying that there is a cloud above the claim now because it was for sale for so long then it got burnt out. i have fully comprehensive insurance. i wanted to know have they the right to refuse payment because they have a douth over it? iv being to the police but they still didnt find who done it. would ya be able to tell me what i should be doing now, thanks. a quick responce would be great as they are to phone me tomor. thanks again

Posted on 2013-02-15 01:00:27

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When an insurance company says there is a cloud above the claim, what they really mean is that they now suspect you of setting your own car on fire in order to collect the insurance money because you were unable to sell th car for so long. The insurance company will notbe investigating you and your finances to see if you were in a bad financial situation that would you the motive to have set your car on fire. If you have nothing to do with it then just cooperate and give them the info that ask for. If you did have something to do with it, youshould withdraw your claim before you are accused of insurance fraud.

2013-02-15 01:00:27