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[high component] who has Kailide map of mobile phone navigation, on the net issue no less than coming, best can give a Qq to be passed

[high component] who has Kailide map of mobile phone navigation, on the net issue no less than coming, best can give a Qq to be passed

Posted on 2013-05-31 00:30:38

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Http:// is clicked can download! Support: Nuojiya 3250, Nuojiya N91, Nuojiya N91-8GB, Nuojiya N71, Nuojiya N73, Nuojiya N76, Nuojiya N77, Nuojiya N92, Nuojiya N93, : - smartphone of supportive Symiban S60 - enclothed the whole nation completely to save city municipality 31 times, city of 362 ground level (+ of city of level of 333 ground of countrywide 4 municipalities directly under the Central Government + 25 provinces) - the map can be installed from the definition - the interest feature that electronic map includes achieves 6.5 million, classification is reasonable and detailed, cover 128 kinds " the garment, feed, live, row " etc - brand-new map of holy fire edition, come newlier 8 years the 3rd quarter, contain information of place of all Olympic Games - the functional all ready such as navigation of fixed position, map, information, imitate navigation software applies to Kailide smartphone, opposite at be the same as type software, installation is simpler. But must notice: Documentation explains: KLD080704104944.sisx special installation of edition of WDA emperor fire wraps Kailide, suit S60V3 edition operating system. NaviOne Kailide folder of data of map of edition of WDA emperor fire. Install measure: 1, convey KLD080704104944.sisx to go up to the mobile phone (applicable S60v3 system) , install. (if before the product that ever had installed Kailide, need take out reinstalls ability to go) 2, NaviOne duplicates to store to the mobile phone catalog blocking a root falls entirely can. PS: The mobile phone stores must want to have the space that 800MB controls on card. Kailide the map data of edition of WDA emperor fire is quite voluminous, after installation ends, the space that adscititious map should occupy the program to be controlled to 740MB. General and accessary is the memory card of 1GB, capacity of surplus of the place after installing Wankai to establish edition of fire of heart WDA emperor very few. Suggest the accessary memory that had better be 2GB gets stuck. If your memory card capacity is real insufficient, can the CLD file of province of take out part, with cut capacity, copy again next. After the copy ends, moving installation program can complete installation. Attach the area of each number correspondence: Heibei of POI005.CLD of Chongqing of POI004.CLD of Shanghai of POI003.CLD of Tianjin of POI001.CLD Beijing POI002.CLD cheats Shandong of POI016.CLD of Jiangxi of POI015.CLD of Fujian of POI014.CLD of Anhui of POI013.CLD of Zhejiang of POI012.CLD of Jiangsu of POI011.CLD of Heilongjiang of POI010.CLD of Jilin of POI008.CLD Liaoning POI009.CLD inside POI006.CLD Shanxi POI007.CLD Tibet of POI026.CLD of Yunnan of POI025.CLD of Guizhou of POI024.CLD of Sichuan of POI023.CLD of Hainan of POI022.CLD of Guangxi of POI021.CLD of Guangdong of POI020.CLD of Hunan of POI019.CLD of Hubei of POI017.CLD Henan POI018.CLD6 P03.jpg (29.44 KB)2008-8-20 17:46 P04.jpg (34.7 KB)2008-8-20 17:46 20080724_9b4a548d847d9e0d81c9Xn4pvWboJPU2.jpg (9.37 KB)2008-8-20 17:46

2013-05-31 00:30:38